About Mai Attire

I created Mai Attire with a mission to make made-to-order clothing more accessible with fluid designs that transcend seasons and trends.

As a technical designer, functionality has always been my foundation for designing something new. To me, functionality means garments that effortlessly transition from day to night, adapt to different settings and seasons, and transcend trends.

With Mai designs, I want to offer you a sensible alternative to the whirlwind of fast fashion. The collections highlight what I value most: carefully selected materials, beautiful detailing and versatility.

I find myself most confident wearing pieces that seamlessly merge functionality and comfort with a touch of romantic elegance. That is a feeling I want to share with you through Mai Attire.

My love for quality is a fundamental pillar Mai Attire. Every item in the collection is handmade locally by skilled seamstresses right in the heart of Tallinn.

Mai Attire is a dedicated pursuit of fashion that embodies quality, style, and sustainability.


  • Released first items in Summer 2021
  • Participated in Tallinn Design Festival in 2022
  • Launched website at the end of 2022
  • Joined Tallinn Creative Incubator in 2023
  • Held first fashion show in May 2023
  • Participated in Tallinn Design Festival in 2023
  • Participated in Pärnu Disaini Päev 2023